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I am an easy going guy that woudl like to meet some one I like to go on drives go to the movies go on drives go to the beach or just stay home with my ladie and watch tv :lol: :D :mrgreen :roll: :)
I am a cute Colombiana with a small chihuahua dog called Max. I live in Miami Beach and I'm just looking for the one. Are you the one? I'm not looking to have fun and move on If thats what in your mined than please don't bother. I have a BA in business administration at the FIU and I love dancing salsa.
I am a german living in a beautiful country named Guatemala how works in a business center and likes to party and dance. I like to go to the gym to work out and specially enjoy spinning. I like music very much, mostly pop, rock, new age, jazz, classical, alternative, reggae, salsa, and lately trance. I like to go to the movies. I also like dogs very much. I also like swimming, jogging, tennis and cycling. I consider myself very spiritual and like to read self-help and all kinds of books that are intended for my personal growth. I also enjoy meeting people from around the world. I studied business management and speak spanish, german and english. If you want to know more about me or chat contact me.
Am a God fearing young lady who is fun loving, outgoing and above all very loving, caring dedicated, committed, sincere and above all very compassionate, my hobbies are playing tennis, swimming, and play golf
Peek Into Your Soul: A Survey About You Name: Josh Age: 28 Height: 701/4 inches Weight: 140 Hair color: brownish, give or take a few shades! Eye color: blue Pimples?: no Glasses/Contacts?: no Freckles?: all over, strategically! Favorites Subject: Paranormal Activity Book: Equal Rights TV show: House M.D. Movie: Zoolander Author: Terry Pratchett Artist: DaVinci Actor/Actress: Kevin Spacey/Charlize Theron Food: Calamari Drink: ChocoMartini with Godiva Chocolate Animal: Monkey Band: Aerosmith Song: Lately? Untitled by Simple Plan Instrument: Piano Facial Feature: Smile Color: Blue Place to visit: Africa Room in your house/apartment: Bathroom Fictional Character: Peter Pan Teacher: Jakie Cabe, Drama Director for TCC N.E. Grade (so far): 2.79 Mythological Creature: Pheonix Web site: Tshirthell.com Thing to do: write Day of the week: Sunday Season: Fall Month: July Type of weather: Sunny, calm and mild temp Do you... Drink?: to quell the pain Smoke?: out of habit Drive?: not nearly enough Kiss on the first date?: only if the chemistry is right Have sex on the first date?: not anymore Do drugs?: only prescriptions (prescribed to me) now Live outside your means?: Only if I'm trying to impress lenders Obssess over your looks?: in a negative fashion (low self esteem, thanks dad!) Abuse your family and friends?: Family, yes Friends, no Get good grades in school?: when I apply myself Get sleepy during the day?: only when the sun's too bright Own a car?: '98 Saturn SL1 Own more than 15 pairs of shoes?: HA! I don't think I've owned 15 pairs my entire life! Own more than 5 pairs of jeans?: Maybe 5 exactly! Have you ever... Smoked a joint?: When I had brain cells tp kill Stayed up all night?: When I write Cussed in from of your parents?: Let me think? hmm... uh.... yeah! Hurt the feelings of someone you loved?: Love, don't get me started! Had your feelings hurt by someone you loved?: yes Failed a class?: yes, only becuase I got the date of my final wrong! Been really really scared?: My first out of body experience Had to face a phobia?: yes Cried in public?: yes Thrown up at school?: no Been kicked out of the store?: yes, when I was like 10 for stealing pencils for pencil break Been in a car wreck?: 3 times, 1 severe Dumped someone?: once Been dumped?: all the time Had a one-night-stand?: 3 X's Kissed and told?: who hasn't? Cussed in a Churst (or some other religious structure)?: Define the boundaries Beaten someone up?: no need for physical violence, when mental hurts more Been beaten up?: when I was 7, by the neighborhood bully Broken a bone?: cracked my skull, never broken though Been willing to sell your soul to the devil for something?: Won't go there... Lied to someone you loved?: Lies are diplomatic in nature, so I don't feel too bad YES Stolen from a friend?: Trust, that's it! Eaten an entire gallon of ice cream in one day?: A few times Gotten an award?: Many Told a joke no one thought was funny?: Yep Laughed so hard you cried?: yes, kinda morbid now that I think about it Cried so hard you laughed?: Is this the part where Dementia sets in? Been to the opera?: not really Fallen asleep in class?: yes Been cheated on by your boyfriend/girlfriend?: yes, god... anymore wounds you'd like to open, cuz the river Josh is running red right now! Cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend?: Never Been in love?: I thought I was, till I found out that love is a fairy tale not worth living! Gone out with someone who was married?: As a friend or for the taking? Gone out with someone a lot older than you?: Yes... but I wouldn't want someone to go to jail, wait it's been more than seven years...okay? Been stood up on a date?: yes, but it wasn't really a date, date Looked horrible in a yearbook picture?: My Marine Corps Grad Book Done something life-threatening?: Jump off a cliff, climbed cliffs that were deemed unclimbable, went to Africa in a war stricken, poverty ridden, disease infested area Cut school?: College, a lot! Bought a lottery ticket?: When I feel lucky Cheated on a test?: No Can you... Swim?: yes Ride a bike?: yes Draw?: not really Sing?: i think so Dance?: like an idiot Skateboard?: used to Speak a second language?: does Spanglish count? Play an instument?: half assed Recite the Gettysburg Address?: what r u nutz? Label all fifty states?: if i really thought that would do something for me Name all the US presidents in the order they served?: get bent! Read Tarot Cards, runes, palms, and/or, tea leaves?: That's a little too freaky, and ridiculous for me Cook?: like a pro Whistle?: wouldn't you like to know Snap?: Okay, I'm not retarded! Cross your eyes?: Hope to die? Touch your nose with you tongue?: I can find better uses with my toungue! Balance a book on your head?: Which one? Sew?: your mouth shut! Recite the ABCs backwards without pausing?: if I'm drunk maybe If given the opportunity, would you... Kill someone you hate?: Vengence is mine saith the Lord. They'll get theirs Have sex with someone really really really hot?: Like on fire? Might be a little difficult at first, but hey! I'm game Star in a movie?: Just waiting for the opportunity Be on the cheerleading squad/football team?: Don't make me sick! Become the king/queen of a coutry?: Only if there was no Parliament Steal something you wanted?: Plead the Fifth Cheat on a lover?: Only if it made me famous for doing it Let someone cheat on their lover with you?: Likewise Experiment with someone the same sex as you?: yes Live the life of someone else?: depends Sell your soul to the devil in exchange for something you really want?: I think I already did, boy did I get screwed on that deal! Go back in time and change something from happening?: Does Exsistence count? Go to the moon?: Hell ya! Run for president?: Only if I could remodel the White House Pick one Coke or Pepsi?: Dr Pepper Cats or dogs?: Cats, large ones! Really smart or really hot?: depends, which one has the most money? Really successful or really popular?: Successfull has limits, popularity has boundaries... you tell me! Really rich or really famous?: Rich, Rich, Rich.... did I mention Rich? Smart and depressed or stupid and happy?: Well, being that I'm the first in this line of questioning I think I'll stay where I'm at Summer or winter?: Winter Spring or fall?: Fall Hot or cold?: Cold Love or lust?: lust is love, love... let the Christian's have that 1 Chocolate or vanilla?: Chocolate Skateboarding or surfing?: Skateboarding Which of your friends is the most... Friendly?: Wes Loud?: John, but that's what makes him so re-got-damn-diculously funny! Timid?: Terrie Talkative?: Anthony Annoying?: No one Hot?: Past friends: Lindsay Presently: Tall?: Emily Short?: Tiffany Smart?: I surround myself with intellegent people in all aspects of life Crazy?: That's my role and I'd be damned to give it up to anyone else! Funny?: Jon Who/When/What's the last... Person you talked to on the phone?: Logan Song you listened to?: Untitled by Simple Plan CD you listened to?: Cancerous, my own mixed CD Movie you watched?: Chornicles of Riddick, Lame! Book you read?: Monsterous Regiment Thing you ate?: Triscuit Thing you bought?: Red Bull and Powdered donuts Time you cried?: Last night 11/01/05 Time you laughed?: Today, watching Chris Klien get Punk'D Been scared?: 03-2001 in Africa Kissed someone?: this afternoon Told someone you love them?: Today Prayed?: In Africa 03-2001 Hugged someone?: Today
Norma Russo
A nice Colombian girl looking to meet Mr right. I love to stay home in a rainning day and watch a movie with my man, cook and make you happy. I'm not looing for a one night stand but please don't start talking about marrige on the first date as well. Just lets see what happen (: